Seven good reasons for choosing aluminium:

  1. Lightweight: Lightweight substructures and a high level of component prefabrication. It can be handled on-site without the need for large lifting equipment.
  2. Corrosion resistance: bespoke alloys improve the outstanding resistance to corrosion. This makes it possible to use aluminium profiled sheets on a long-term basis without expensive servicing and maintenance work.
  3. Robust: Incredible strength of the material makes it possible to create a light yet exceptionally stable structures.
  4. Excellent processability: Due to its flexibility and ease of formability guarantee virtually unlimited design potential. It can be shaped, welded, screwed and cut into dynamic 3-D geometries.
  5. Simple connection technology: In addition to the most common joining methods used in the building industry, such as welding, screwing and riveting, snap-on connections can also be used. These simple methods ensure that building components can be quickly and safely connected.
  6. Recyclable: Aluminium roof and facade components can usually be recycled in a single process and 95% of energy can be saved when recycling aluminium compared to primary production.
  7. Stunning aesthetics: The wide variety of surface finishes and colours available, as a result, ensures that the high aesthetic demands made can be fulfilled.

Aluminium windows today are nothing like previous generations. With sophisticated security systems, clean lines, impressive Window Energy Ratings and bespoke designs available.

We offer a range of aluminium frames, patios and bi-folds. Our manufactured aluminium products provide extremely safe and secure designs with a high-quality finish. Furthermore, we provide both installation and repairs.

Our Aluminium is manufactured to the precise standards needed and we use the latest technology, machinery and manufacturing processes. As a result, quality is at the heart of what we do, giving you the very best in Aluminium windows for your home.

For more information contact us. We also offer a free quote service to our customers.



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