Conservatories and Sunrooms

Conservatories and Sunrooms

We have a large range of conservatories and sunrooms available. There are several great options available for our customers to avail of. For more information or a free quote contact us.

Victorian Conservatories

Most of our Victorian range have glass which has a self-cleaning exterior surface which when water is combined with sunlight creates a surface which does not allow dirt to stick to the roof. The tint creates a fantastic addition to any skyline creating a beautiful ambience inside. The tint makes the roof comfortable on a sunny day by reflecting out the brightest of sun rays while in winter the argon-filled energy efficient glass units create a warm and cosy feel for all seasons.

Edwardian Conservatories

We also build a variant of this design called a bay Edwardian conservatory; these are very popular for semidetached homes. the square corner is positioned against the boundary line while the bay creates a rounded effect to blend into the garden better. The roof can be easily adapted to use a box gutter to allow the conservatory fit onto a bungalow roof.

Lean-to Conservatories

Our lean-to range of conservatories is offered with a choice of roof materials. We can offer a solid option with roof lights. Our lean-to range of conservatories is available in all colours. For those looking for the simple and clean look, the lean-to conservatory is probably the perfect option. Traditionally the choice for bungalows the lean-to conservatories now tend to have a higher-pitched roof which better suits the two-storey home.


The Orangery represents the perfect combination for those who would like a traditional extension but want to maximise the light. The addition of the concrete or brick columns together with the plastered ceiling pelmets and sunken lighting create a very cosy room. We have created many beautiful Orangeries over the years. Also, we use a Britmet lightweight roofing system for our Orangeries.



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